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The heat loss calculations are made up of the EASY and PRO modules. Choose whether you want to make a simple or extensive calculation.

EASY - quick and easy

Make a well-founded quick calculation in 5-10 min. The calculations are based on BS EN 12831-1 and are usually used in quotation phase.

PRO - standardized

Calculation according to BS EN 12831-1 usually performed in execution phase. For a standard house it takes 30-60 minutes to perform a calculation.

Quick and easy, what does that mean?

The EASY calculation is performed in 5-10 min.

In order to perform the calculation accurately, we work on the basis of available data such as:

  • known consumption
  • energy calculation
  • surfaces floors

Standardized according to BS EN 12831-1

Enter the surface areas and insulation values in a user-friendly manner.

The calculation follows the EN 12831- 1 standard and calculates the required power at building and room level.

Determine the output of underfloor heating (BS EN 1264) and/or select the correct radiator from a database.

Dimension underfloor heating

Determine the floor finish (stone tiles, wood, ...), the installation distance and automatically calculate the output and temperature of the floor.

Heat-Box also calculates the number of loops needed, the pipe length, the edge insulation, and the flow rates (l/min).

Dimension radiators

Heat-Box has an extensive radiator database that includes Myson, Jaga, Stelrad, etc.

Select the desired radiator, the flow and return temperature and the correct output power is automatically calculated.

Demo Heat-Box

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